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THE BEGINNING. Art in Austria, 1945-1980. #3 How the Artists Address the Nazi Era in their Work

Very soon after the war and for the following decades, National Socialism and the atrocities of tyranny and war were frequent topics in the work of Austrian artists. Watch our CastYourArt film #3 from the ALBERTINAmodern opening exhibition "THE BEGINNING. Art in Austria, 1945-1980" with curator Brigitte Borchhardt-Birbaumer about how austrian artists adressed the Nazi Era in their works.

THE BEGINNING. Art in Austria, 1945-1980. #5 Viennese Actionism

Among the contemporary art movements that developed after the Second World War in Austria, Viennese Actionism and its protagonists are the most prominent and most recognized internationally. In our video #5 from the ALBERTINAmodern opening exhibition, CastYourArt interviewed curator Brigitte Borchhardt-Bierbaumer about this art movement.

VALIE EXPORT. Body Sign Action

VALIE EXPORT is one of the most famous Austrian artists of post-war history. In our film feature, ALBERTINA MODERN chief curator Angela Stief outlines the art of VALIE EXPORT, based on her painting "Body Sign Action".

VALIE EXPORT. Retrospektive

In its retrospective, the Albertina in Vienna presents the artist VALIE EXPORT in her performative quality as well as in her conceptual depth. A CastYourArt exhibition portrait with the curator of the exhibition and head of the Albertina photography department Walter Moser.

VALIE EXPORT. Art that sharpens our perceptions

"Action Pants: Genital Panic": The VALIE EXPORT - Retrospective at the Albertina welcomes visitors right away with one of the most famous and controversial works of the Austrian artist. In the 1969 photograph, she carries a submachine gun and provocatively shows the viewer her exposed pubic area.

The 1960s - Fantastic Modernism

„The 1960ies: a fantastic modern“ in the MUSA Vienna reveals the spirit of a decade marked by radical upheaval, along the way the entire who’s who of

Thomas Reinhold – Empirical Science

As opposed to other media like film or music, in principle, painting does not lend itself to as many possibilities, explains the painter, Thomas Reinhold.

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