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THE BEGINNING. Art in Austria, 1945-1980. #8 Art Brut

In post-war Austria, Art Brut is especially associated with one place and one name: The former mental hospital Gugging and the psychiatrist Leo Navratil who worked there. In #8 of the CastYourArt series about the opening exhibition "The Beginning" at ALBERTINAmodern curator Brigitte Borchhardt-Bierbaumer highlights the austrian outsider-art. 


STRABAG Artaward International promotes and supports young artists working in the media of painting and dreawing. In 2020, it will be awarded for the twenty-fith time. CastYourArt visited the group exhibition of the prize winners at STRABAG Kunstforum and filmed an exhibition view.

MY GENERATION. The Jablonka Collection

The Jablonka Collection is one of the most important collections of American and German art of the 1980s, with works by artists whom Rafael Jablonka promoted, introduced and collected. CastYourArt interviewed collector Rafael Jablonka and Albertina director Klaus Albrecht Schröder at the Albertina exhibition "My Generation. The Jablonka Collection" and produced an exhibition-portrait.

THE BEGINNING. Art in Austria, 1945-1980. #9 Feminist Avant-Garde

Putting a focus on patriarchal society and its constraints the so called austrian feminist avant-garde was in search for new visual and gestural language. In our CastYourArt exhibition-portrait, ALBERTINAmodern chief curator Angela Stief provides insights into the works and characteristic features of the feminist avant garde and its members


Not every artist is on good terms with the proportions, but Albrecht Dürer ...?
Albertina Christof Metzger took us into the Albertina safe and showed us what the long ears and other conspicuous features of the hare are all about.


Albrecht Dürer was already one of the superstars of the art world during his lifetime. His works were in great demand and were often copied or falsified. Albertina Albertina head curator Christof Metzger examplifies this with three originals and three falsifications of Dürer artworks.

HOW TO RECOGNIZE A FAKE? Copy or Original: Raphael?

Two works by Raphael, but one of them is a copy ... which one? We met Achim Gnann, curator at the Albertina and expert on Italian art from the 15th to 19th century, to let you in the secrets to distinguish between original and copy.

CLAUDE MELLAN. HEAD OF A SATYR & THE VEIL OF VERONICA. A picture-review by Albertina Curator Laura Ritter

Together with Albertina curator Laura Ritter, we direct All Eyes On two completely exceptional works from the seventeenth century by French artist Claude Mellan.

RAPHAEL. The drafting process. From the Albertina series "Museum in a Nutshell"

Did you know that the Italian renaissance artist Raffael planned and prepared his masterly paintings meticulously? In our new film from the Albertina series "Museum in a Nutshell" Albertina curator for Italian art from the 15th to the 19th Century, Achim Gnann, leads us through all the preparation steps it took Raffael to start painting a masterwork.

VAN GOGH, CÉZANNE, MATISSE. The Hahnloser Collection

In the years between 1906 and 1936 an art-loving Swiss couple, ophthalmologist Arthur Hahnloser and his wife Hedy, gathered one of the largest private art collections of 20th century art and French modernism with works of Van Gogh, Cézanne, Matisse, Hodler, Bonnard, Vuillard and many others. Parts of the collection are now on display at the Albertina museum in Vienna.

THEAN CHIE CHAN. Ungraspably outlined

In his current exhibition in the vaultroom of the Bank Austria Kunstforum in Vienna, Thean Chien Chan explores the human face.

PETER ZOLLY. artists only

Between digital art, drawing and painting – pop artist Peter Zolly’s creativity crosses boundaries when he conceives his iconic visual vocabulary. As

FASCINATION JAPAN. Monet · Van Gogh · Klimt

Stretched picture formats, asymmetrical compositions, bird’s eye perspectives, empty sections with only abstract lines and shapes, vibrant color fields, ornamental


Screaming or grinning faces, grotesque heads with bird’s beaks, a fist punching out of a mouth – in her partly hyper-realistic drawings, Florentina Pakosta

FLORENTINA PAKOSTA. A Retrospective at Albertina Museum

Besides Maria Lassnig and VALIE EXPORT, she is one of the most important feminist artists in Austria: In cooperation with the Sprengel Museum Hannover, the

MARTHA JUNGWIRTH. A retrospective at Albertina Museum

For the first time, the Albertina dedicates a solo retrospective to the Viennese painter Martha Jungwirth (born 1940), with key works and series arranged according

Rudolf Rischer - Of Drawing and Stage

What is behind the wall or behind the door? Who is on the stairs, and what is happening in the room? Buildings float in the air, perspectives are tilted, stairs

Masterworks of Architectural Drawing from the Albertina Museum

Architectural drawing as an autonomous form of art: „Masterworks of Architectural Drawing“ is the title of the exhibition in the Albertina, the second part

C.A. Contemporary - Rudolf Rischer

More than fifty years Rudolf Rischer worked as a stage designer at the big theater- and opera-houses in Europe. Drawing has always been a tool for him to develop

RAPHAEL - A universal genius of the High Renaissance

„Raphael was a very economical draughtsman who was able to convey great emotions with just a few outlines“ says Achim Gnann, art historian and expert for Italian art between the 15th and 19th century who curated the new exhibition in the Albertina, working on the preparations for five years.

Suse Krawagna - Abstract Painting Now!

Material, form, repetition and alteration are fundamental for the abstract works of the Vienna based artist Suse Krawagna. On the occasion of the reopening

Pieter Bruegel - Drawing the World

In our days, Pieter Bruegel the Elder is mostly known as a painter, famous for paintings like „The Peasant Wedding“ or „The Tower of Babel“. However,

Jakob Gasteiger - Abstract Painting Now!

As an artist, Jakob Gasteiger has dedicated himself entirely to abstraction. His primary and working material is paint, not colour.

Maria Lassnig - Dialogues

Under the title « Dialogues », the Albertina museum shows 80 drawings and watercolours by the great Austrian painter Maria Lassnig, who passed away in 2014.

Eduard Angeli - Silence

Eduard Angeli's art is on display at Albertina Museum in Vienna. His work defies categorizations. The works seem to be structured either by complementary or

Eduard Angeli - Retrospective

Eduard Angeli’s paintings pose a big problem for art lovers. His work can not be duly appreciated when not seen live « in the flesh ». Of course it is generally

Gottfried Helnwein - My Schiele

Egon Schiele has a special significance for the artist Gottfried Helnwein, because he is the first artist in the modern sense, i.e. an artist who is not firmly

Poussin to David - French Drawings at the Albertina

„Poussin to David“: The new exhibition in the Albertina Museum gives an insight into the world’s largest collection of drawings of the French baroque,

Valentina Wecerka - What is Home?

Proportions, levels, materials, colour, backgrounds –the phenomenological characteristics of Val Wecerka’s works refer to the conditions of our perception of reality. No statical vision is possible there – we see dynamic fields that require the participation of the viewer.

Gerhard Ruehm - Language as Material

In the 1950ies Gerhard Ruehm was the most radical experimenter of the Viennese underground art-scene.

Jim Dine - A Serious Man

Twins, even when they look identical, are always distinguished and recognized as two different persons, even if sometimes confounded because of their perceived alikeness.

Jim Dine - I Never Look Away

For Jim Dine - who we interviewed at his current exhibition at Albertina Museum in Vienne - the self-portrait is a meditation about the way an artist recognizes

Aylin Tektas - Capturing the Moment

Aylin Tektas, an Istanbul born painter, studied in Vienna at the Academy of fine arts. First influenced by the artworks of her mother - a painter as well - she started painting portraits of people.

Why Drawing Now - Chloe Piene at the Albertina Museum

Find out why "drawing is everything" to New York based artist Chloe Piene in our special lecture series. Within the exhibition program of "Drawing Now: 2015"

Edvard Munch - The Scream

“I was walking along the road with two friends – the sun was setting – suddenly the sky turned blood red – I paused, feeling exhausted, and leaned on

Constantin Luser - From Inside of Time

Expanding from his enormous output of drawings, Constantin Luser has developed his ideas into the third dimension with his „spatial drawings“, made of wire and brass.

Alfred Kubin - The Organ Grinder

"The Organ Grinder" is the first work, Alfred Kubin gave his artist-friend Lyonel Feininger as a present. Eva Michel, curator at museum Albertina in Vienna,

Lyonel Feininger and Alfred Kubin - A friendship of artists

„My dear brother Kubin“ - the friendship between Alfred Kubin and Lyonel Feininger is on show in the Albertina, with more than 100 pictures by both artists.

Monika Grzymala - Drawing Spatially. Vortex.

Monika Grzymala’s „spatial drawing“ unfolds in three dimensions, as an installation made of four kilometers of black tape. It is direct, concise and coherent

Drawing Now - Signs of the time

Curated by Elsy Lahner, the 36 mostly international participants of the exhibition "Drawing Now" at Viennese museum Albertina display 130 works with an expanded

Rainer Prohaska - Drawing an Orange Line

While Monika Grzymala and other artists of the exhibition Drawing Now at the museum Albertina in Vienna transcend the two-dimensionality of drawing, Rainer

Drawing Now - Drawing as a Sign of the Times

40 years after the legendary Drawing Now exhibition, organized in cooperation with the MoMA in New York, the Albertina shows another overview of the current

Albertina - Tietze Galleries for Prints and Drawings

With the Sturtevant exhibition, the Albertina inaugurates the new Tietze Galleries for Prints and Drawings, on a surface of 450 sqm.

The Paris Art Salons - The Dream Archive from the Musée d'Orsay

In the choice of works made for the Albertina exhibition "Degas, Cezanne, Seurat. The Dream Archive from the Musée d'Orsay, important art movements of the 19th century are represented, like historicism, realism, impressionism and neo-impressionism, symbolism as well as cartoons and salon painting.

Edgar Degas - The Dream Archive from the Musée d'Orsay

Until May 3rd, a selection of 130 works from the archives of the Musée d’Orsay in Paris is on show in the Albertina in Vienna. Besides well known masterpieces, “The Dream Archive” shows works less known to the Austrian public, thus offering an insight into the wealth of France’s art history.

The Curators View - The Dream Archive from the Musée d'Orsay

The choice of works as well as the title of the exhibition "The Dream Archive from the Musée d'Orsay" at the museum Albertina was made by Werner Spies, the

Degas, Cezanne, Seurat - The Dream Archive from the Musée d'Orsay

Until May 3rd, a selection of 130 works from the archives of the Musée d’Orsay in Paris is on show in the Albertina in Vienna. Besides well known masterpieces, “The Dream Archive” shows works less known to the Austrian public, thus offering an insight into the wealth of France’s art history.

Manfred Hebenstreit - Processes and Transformations

The art of Manfred Hebenstreit is an ongoing open experiment, into which the artist puts everything: body and soul, sensations and emotions, irony and restlessness.


On the occasion of the 150th birthday of Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, this pioneer of modernism, Bank Austria Kunstforum shows the artists first comprehensive retrospective in Austria. For our CastYourArt exhibition portrait we interviewed Evelyn Benesch, curator oft the exhibition.

From Dürer to Napoleon - The Origins of the Albertina

The current exhibition „From Dürer to Napoleon - The Origins of the Albertina” shows masterpieces of the Albertina’s collection in the context of the exciting biographies of its founders – prince Albert of Saxony, duke of Teschen and his wife the archduchess Marie Christine, daughter of empress Maria Theresia.

Siegfried Anzinger – a vortex of emotions

The focus of the exhibition in the Bank Austria Kunstforum, curated by Florian Steininger, is mainly on the pictures made in distemper -especially for this show- during the years 2012 and 2013.

Jürgen Messensee - Realities

At the Bank Austria Kunstforum in Vienna the artist Jürgen Messensee shows quintessences of his artistic work from the past ten years. CastYourArt visited his atelier and the exhibition and produced an artist-portrait.

Rudolf Goessl - Transformations

Until May 12th, 2013 a retrospective of the artist Rudolf Goessl is presented at ZEITKUNST Niederösterreich in the Lower Austria Contemporary gallery St.


In the exhibition “PHANTOMAK” in the Vienna University of Technology, sculptures by the artist Tomak are presented to the public for the first time.

Fernando Botero - Abu Ghraib

On the occasion of the “Botero” exhibition in the Bank Austria Kunstforum, curator Dr. Evelyn benesch will speak about the artist’s Abu Ghraib series.

Homo Fabre - in the realm of the Blue Hour

Between mythical creatures and human forms, between dream and nightmare, we find ourselves in a world where life crawls and insects swarm: Welcome to the land

Birgit Jürgenssen - Come on now Miss Juergennsen

Jürgenssen explores the scope of female identity constructions and the gender roles within her sociocultural environment of the 1970ies. By means of drawings

Fritz Panzer - The Walk In Drawing

Fritz Panzer relieves objects of his immediate reality of their significations and shows them in their half present - half absent nature. The chair and the

Edgar Honetschläger - To the Limits

Edgar Honetschläger tests the boundaries of the possible, always along the limit in order to question the existing standard, the process being as important

Constantin Luser - Music soothes the savage beast…

Constantin Luser challenges us to enter the maze of his imagination: he corners us against the wall of our indifference and confronts us with the unavoidable

Deborah Sengl - A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

It was animals that were created first, only thereafter, human beings. Seniority, the privilege of age, was compensated by the privilege of designation, the

Wilhelm Scherübl - Transform

There has been substantial evidence for the theory, according to the German philosopher Peter Sloterdijk, that it is far less important for humans to know who

Maria Lassnig - The Ninth Decade

Maria Lassnig: “Soft as marmalade, marmalade out of blood I’m batted and feel hindered and left locked out from the world of painting.” “There was

William Anthony - Comedy of Errors

The art world is one which takes itself very seriously. Whether it is in the hushed classrooms of art schools where aspiring students dutifully sketch nude

Ahmet Ögüt - In Front of Your Eyes

For a long time, contemporary art was strictly a national phenomenon in Turkey and was therefore, to a large extent, ignored internationally. This has changed.

Thomas Baumann – The Language of Movement

Sculptures and installations of the artist Thomas Baumann possess the quality of being alive. Usually, they are moving. They de-form, they make noises, they

Franziska Maderthaner - shaken, not stirred

Picture for yourself reality. Is that reality immediate, direct, unexpected? Should we attribute this power of reality to something within the medium or to

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