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STRABAG Artaward International promotes and supports young artists working in the media of painting and dreawing. In 2020, it will be awarded for the twenty-fith time. CastYourArt visited the group exhibition of the prize winners at STRABAG Kunstforum and filmed an exhibition view.


Under the title "Gerhard Richter. Landscape", the Bank Austria Kunstforum Wien is bringing Gerhard Richter to Vienna with a landscape retrospective – the largest exhibition up to date devoted exclusively to Gerhard Richter's landscapes. CastYourArt interviewed Lisa Ortner-Kreil and Hubertus Butin, the two curators of the exhibition and produced an exhibition-portrait.

FRANZ SEDLACEK. "Evening Landscape" & "Song in the Twilight". A picture review by Gottfried Helnwein

"Evening Landscape" and "Song in the Twilight" are two works by Austrian artist Franz Sedlacek, who belonged to the tradition of magical realism. In our film from the Albertina museum the painter Gottfried Helnwein discusses the artist's two works.

FRANZ SEDLACEK. Winter Landscape. A picture review by Gottfried Helnwein

In our film from the Albertina series "All Eyes On", the painter Gottfried Helnwein tells us how the painting "Winter Landscape" by Franz Sedlacek affects him.

PABLO PICASSO. WOMAN IN A GREEN HAT. A picture review with Albertina director Klaus Albrecht Schröder

In the film clip "Woman in a Green Hat" from the series "All Eyes On" from the Albertina Museum, director Klaus Albrecht Schröder tells us more about Picasso's choice of color and motif for this painting.

RAPHAEL. The drafting process. From the Albertina series "Museum in a Nutshell"

Did you know that the Italian renaissance artist Raffael planned and prepared his masterly paintings meticulously? In our new film from the Albertina series "Museum in a Nutshell" Albertina curator for Italian art from the 15th to the 19th Century, Achim Gnann, leads us through all the preparation steps it took Raffael to start painting a masterwork.

XENIA HAUSNER. True Lies. Exhibition opening at the Albertina Museum

Ambivalent stagings, concrete and yet intangible: Xenia Hausner's mysterious characters are ready to return the viewer's gaze at the Albertina. In our opening film of the exhibition Albertina Director Klaus Albrecht Schröder and curator Elsy Lahner guide us through the oeuvre of the artist and we will also hear what fascinates Austrian President Alexander van der Bellen about her work.

CITY AND LANDSCAPE. BETWEEN DREAM AND REALITY. An exhibition opening from the Albertina Museum in Vienna

With 170 works from its own holdings, the Albertina presents a grandiose panorama of five centuries of city and landscape views; some of the works have not been on public view for decades. In our exhibition-opening film Albertina director Klaus Albrecht Schröder, chief-curator Christof Metzger and exhibition curator Eva Michel walk with us through the exhibition and talk about the excellent artworks.  Andrea Mayer, state secretary for art and culture opens the exhibition.

WONDERLAND. Opening and exhibition-view from the Albertina Modern in Vienna

"Wonderland" - Fascinating confrontations and contrasts of outstanding artistic positions are on view at the Albertina Modern in Vienna until September 19. 2021. In our exhibition-portrait Albertina Director Klaus Albrecht Schröder and Angela Stief, chief-curator at the Albertina Modern, guide us through the exhibition.

MICHELA GHISETTI. A Retrospective at the Albertina Museum

In our film Albertina general-director Klaus Albrecht Schröder and curator Antonia Hoerschelmann accompany us through the exhibition and the impressive oeuvre of artist Michela Ghisetti.

MARCIN ZAWICKI. Winner of a recognition prize of STRABAG Artaward International 2021

A short interview with the STRABAG Artaward International 2021 recognition prize winner Marcin Zawicki, at the STRABAG Kunstforum introducing the artist and his work.

NATALIA SIMONOVA. Winner of a recognition prize of STRABAG Artaward International 2021

A short interview with the STRABAG Artaward International 2021 recognition prize winner Natália Šimonová, at the STRABAG Kunstforum introducing the artist and his work.

TONY CRAGG. Sculpture: Body and Soul (Part 2)

The 21 sculptures and 21 drawings in the Albertina's Pfeilerhalle provide an impressive insight into the last two decades of the work of the English sculptor Tony Cragg. Curated by Antonia Hoerschelmann, this is the first solo show the Albertina has dedicated to the 73-year-old sculptor.

ÁKOS EZER. Anerkennungspreisträger STRABAG Artaward International 2022

A short interview with the STRABAG Artaward International 2022 recognition prize winner Ákos Ezer, at the STRABAG Kunstforum introducing the artist and his work.

ANDREAS WERNER. Winner of the main prize of STRABAG Artaward International 2022

A short interview with the STRABAG Artaward International 2022 main-prize winner Andreas Werner, at the STRABAG Kunstforum introducing the artist and his work.

ALEX KATZ. The Radically "Cool Painting" of Alex Katz at the Albertina

One of the reasons that Alex Katz (*1927 in New York) continues to be so modern more than half a century after the beginning of his career - and without any major stylistic changes - lies in his complete rejection of nostalgia. On the occasion of Albertina museums' new Alex Katz exhibition Albertina general director Klaus Albrecht Schröder introduces in our film, what needs to be known, to immerse yourself deeper within the work of this contemporary artist.

BARBARA MOURA. I sing the body electric

Her paintings take us on an exploration of the psychological depths of the soul, embodied in almost life-size (self-)portraits. Take the opportunity to get to know the artist better as we produced a film portrait on the occasion of her exhibition "I sing the body electric" at C.A. Contemporary.

GOTTFRIED HELNWEIN. An artist-portrait on the occasion of his Albertina exhibition "Reality and Fiction"

To mark Gottfried Helnwein's 75th birthday, the Albertina is showing works by the artist from the last three decades in the exhibition "Reality and Fiction". On behalf of the Albertina, we visited the artist in his castle in Ireland and created this portrait of the artist.

THE BEGINNING. Art in Austria, 1945-1980. #2 Fantastic Realism and Friedensreich Hundertwasser

At the beginning of art in Austria after the Nazi tyranny and the war there was the „Vienna School of Fantastic Realism“. Friedensreich Hunderwasser on the other hand can be considered as the one Austrian post-war artist who gained international recognition and success early on. Our CastYourArt exhibition-portrait #2 from the ALBERTINAmodern opening exhibition is dedicated to Fantastic Realism and Friedensreich Hundertwasser.

MARIA LASSNIG. Ways of Being at the Albertina Museum

On September 8th, Maria Lassnig, regarded as Austria’s most eminent female painter, would have celebrated her 100th birthday. On the occasion the Albertina shows a comprehensive retrospective, in cooperation with the Stedlijk Museum Amsterdam. CastYourArt interviewed Antonia Hoerschelmann, curator of the Lassnig show at the Albertina Museum.

Tobias Pils - Untitled

Kunsthalle Krems has reopened after a year of refurbishment, showing young art by Tobias Pils in the skylight hall of the museum. Pils shows a painting installation

Valentina Wecerka - What is Home?

Proportions, levels, materials, colour, backgrounds –the phenomenological characteristics of Val Wecerka’s works refer to the conditions of our perception of reality. No statical vision is possible there – we see dynamic fields that require the participation of the viewer.

Aylin Tektas - Capturing the Moment

Aylin Tektas, an Istanbul born painter, studied in Vienna at the Academy of fine arts. First influenced by the artworks of her mother - a painter as well - she started painting portraits of people.

Erwin Bohatsch - What can painting do?

"What can painting do?" More than 40 years, Artist Erwin Bohatsch explores the possibilities of painting in his artistic work and doing so, he moved from figurative


The first comprehensive retrospective of the controversial artist Balthus (Balthasar Klossowksi de Rola) will be on display in the Bank Austria Kunstforum until June 19, 2016.

MUSA - The 1980ies in the MUSA collection

MUSA, Vienna’s „Start gallery“, artothek and collection of the municipal culture department, chose 100 items from about 4000 works of the very heterogeneous

Mireille Binoux - Living Color

The pictures of Mireille Binoux draw the observer into distorted landscapes; puzzling him and making him feel at home at the same time. Although abandoning

Jürgen Messensee - Realities

At the Bank Austria Kunstforum in Vienna the artist Jürgen Messensee shows quintessences of his artistic work from the past ten years. CastYourArt visited his atelier and the exhibition and produced an artist-portrait.

Aron Demetz - Dialogue with life

He has embraced tradition in order to „forget it again“: wood as a challenge and possibility of failure. An artist-portrait of the sculptor Aron Demetz.

Marianne Maderna - Humanimals

A universal artwork of sculpture, drawings and film: at the Gallery of Lower Austria for Contemporary Artin the Dominican church of Krems, multimedia artist

Manfred Wakolbinger - The Ephemeral and the Eternal

Change, transformation, mutation, metamorphosis: Manfred Wakolbinger questions the surrounding space around us and puts our perception on a new level, in order

Alexander Steinwendtner - Random. Clean Cuts.

Rather than expressing something directly, the force of artistic expressivity lies within manifesting the getting-to-talk within the work itself.

Gürkan Coşkun KOMET - Director of Nightmares

In his dream scenarios, Gürkan Coşkun aka Komet has the role of the stage director. Who are these strange creatures inhabiting that world, these chimeras

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