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Guns spitting blood; wailing voices from a field of rubble, little hammers hacking at their own image; feathers slowly turning, a mercury flow forming ever new shapes: Rebecca Horn is one of the most versatile conceptual artists of her generation. The Bank Austria Kunstforum in Vienna is dedicating her the first comprehensive exhibition of her work in Austria in 30 years.

DEATH AND THE MAIDEN. Young Ukrainian art at the Bank Austria Kunstforum Wien

Contemporary Art from the Ukraine, dealing with the war in the country and its effects, is presented at the "tresor" of Bank Austria Kunstforum in Vienna. A CastYourArt exhibition-portrait.

EVA SCHLEGEL. SPACES at the Kunsthalle Krems

Kunsthalle Krems curator Andreas Hoffer guides us through the exhibition SPACES by artist Eva Schlegel. It's about borderless spaces, photography and film ...

Man Ray - Unconcerned but not Indifferent

„Unconcerned but not indifferent“: the epitaph on Man Ray’s grave at the Montparnasse cemetery in Paris reflects his complex and multilayered artistic attitude.

Remastered: Film

The exhibition "Remastered - The Art of Appropriation" at Kunsthalle Krems is completed by a special about appropriation art within the medium film. Curated

FilmStills - Photography between Advertising, Art and the Cinema

From Marilyn Monroe to James Stewart. Iconic film-stills from seven decades of film history on display at Museum Albertina in Vienna, proof: What was meant


Whenever we think of moving pictures, our mind-body immediately generates images, as it does with everything we think, remember or imagine. Besides this inexhaustible

Rudolf Polanszky - Translineare Structures

Rudolf Polanszky’s works are concerned with finding visual correspondences with the artist’s intellectual configurations inspired by aspects of mathematical

K.U.SCH. - An Array Of Subjects

At present, Zeitkunst Niederösterreich has the first comprehensive retrospective of the art group K.U.SCH on display, in the Shedhalle St. Pölten, curated

Stanley Kubrick - Eyes Wide Open

The photographic early works of cult film director Stanley Kubrick are on show from May 8th to July 13th, 2014 in the Bank Austria Kunstforum.

Özlem Sulak - Fictive Presence

From September 19th to November 18th, the Bank Austria Kunstforum in Vienna dedicates an exhibition in its vault room to the artist Özlem Sulak, born in Turkey in 1979.

Edgar Honetschläger - To the Limits

Edgar Honetschläger tests the boundaries of the possible, always along the limit in order to question the existing standard, the process being as important

Allyson Mitchell - Furry Crits

Allyson Mitchell's activist art is meant to prod and provoke, but it draws you in with warmth, sincerity and just a little faux-fur. In Allyson Mitchell’s

Thomas Draschan - Psychic Images Collision

To Bollywood background music, the blonde sucks on her partners erect prick with relish, then we see how he generously lathers her hairy fanny with soap…a

Warhol, Newman, Wool - 'Barney is now at another party'

Warhol, Newman, Wool “Barney is now at another party.“ When exhibitions show artistic developments in a larger context, it is a good thing for every visitor.

Maria Teresa Ponce - The Present Absence

Maria Teresa Ponce understands how people develop a nostalgia for the country they have left behind, where their own friends, family, places, experiences, and

Miguel Alvear - Tableaux popular

In his work, the Ecuadorian artist Miguel Alvear works with motifs that originate from the pop culture worlds of South America. He mixes popular icons with

The Sanchez Brothers - Exposures of the Dark

Carlos, born 1976, Jason, born 1981, surname Sanchez, together, "The Sanchez Brothers", are an extremely promising, young photographer collective. The work

Thomas Baumann – The Language of Movement

Sculptures and installations of the artist Thomas Baumann possess the quality of being alive. Usually, they are moving. They de-form, they make noises, they

Sweat – The Workshop

In Heinrich Kleist's essay, "On the Marionettentheater", a discussion takes place between a layman and the principal dancer of the city opera. The layman, impressed

Mara Mattuschka – My Heart’s Vibrator

She produces films every year. She stands before the camera. She directs—in recent years, together with Chris Haring. It was a blessing that she met Chris

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