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THE BEGINNING. Art in Austria, 1945-1980. #5 Viennese Actionism

Among the contemporary art movements that developed after the Second World War in Austria, Viennese Actionism and its protagonists are the most prominent and most recognized internationally. In our video #5 from the ALBERTINAmodern opening exhibition, CastYourArt interviewed curator Brigitte Borchhardt-Bierbaumer about this art movement.

THE BEGINNING. Art in Austria, 1945-1980. #7 Geometric Abstraction

In Austria's post-war art especially from the 1960s and 1970s on we can find constructivist, concrete and also cinetic artworks. In #7 of the CastYourArt series about the opening exhibition "The Beginning" at ALBERTINAmodern chief-curator Angela Stief highlights the main protagonists of the austrian geometric abstraction and their ideas.

THE BEGINNING. Art in Austria, 1945-1980. #9 Feminist Avant-Garde

Putting a focus on patriarchal society and its constraints the so called austrian feminist avant-garde was in search for new visual and gestural language. In our CastYourArt exhibition-portrait, ALBERTINAmodern chief curator Angela Stief provides insights into the works and characteristic features of the feminist avant garde and its members

THE BEGINNING. Art in Austria, 1945-1980. #10 Franz West and the Development of Sculpture

The last film in our ten-part series about the ALBERTINAmodern opening exhibition "The Beginning. Art in Austria 1945 to 1980" we dedicate ourselves to the artistic work of Franz West as well as the development of sculpture in Austria during the first three post-war decades. In our CastYourArt exhibition-portrait, we interviewed Elisabeth Dutz and Berthold Ecker, curators of the exhibition.

VALIE EXPORT. Body Sign Action

VALIE EXPORT is one of the most famous Austrian artists of post-war history. In our film feature, ALBERTINA MODERN chief curator Angela Stief outlines the art of VALIE EXPORT, based on her painting "Body Sign Action".


Starting with 21 self-portraits by Egon Schiele the current Albertina Modern exhibition "Schiele and his Legacy" asks for the impact of Schiele's oeuvre on contemporary art. Curated by Elisabeth Dutz we will find aspects of Schiele's art in the work of Arnulf Rainer and the Vienna Actionism as well as in the drawings of Maria Lassnig or artworks of Baselitz, Sherman and many more.


Guns spitting blood; wailing voices from a field of rubble, little hammers hacking at their own image; feathers slowly turning, a mercury flow forming ever new shapes: Rebecca Horn is one of the most versatile conceptual artists of her generation. The Bank Austria Kunstforum in Vienna is dedicating her the first comprehensive exhibition of her work in Austria in 30 years.

MARIA LASSNIG. Ways of Being at the Albertina Museum

On September 8th, Maria Lassnig, regarded as Austria’s most eminent female painter, would have celebrated her 100th birthday. On the occasion the Albertina shows a comprehensive retrospective, in cooperation with the Stedlijk Museum Amsterdam. CastYourArt interviewed Antonia Hoerschelmann, curator of the Lassnig show at the Albertina Museum.

Form follows Rule

„Form follows Rule“ – the title of the new exhibition in the AzW Wien is a reference to Louis Sullivans’s famous phrase „form follows function“.

Gerhard Rühm - poet, composer, musician, visual artist and performer

The Austrian poet, composer, musician, visual artist and performer Gerhard Rühm (*1930 Vienna) and his multifaceted oeuvre, spanning more than 6 decades, is

KOMET - Poet, Painter, Performer

KOMET, he is a star and one of the most renowned turkish artists of his generation. His oeuvre is multifaceted. He examines the possibilities of language, he

The Woodcuts of Anselm Kiefer - Albertina Curator Antonia Hoerschelmann

Like an alchemist, the artist processes the dark matter as if it sprang up from the bowels of the earth. The pictures are composed like sedimentations, layers

Franz Xaver Ölzant - Idea, Process, Form

For the first time, the ZeitKunst Niederösterreich exhibition „Idea-Process-Form“ shows a summary of the complete works of the sculptor Franz Xaver Oelzant.

Manfred Hebenstreit - Processes and Transformations

The art of Manfred Hebenstreit is an ongoing open experiment, into which the artist puts everything: body and soul, sensations and emotions, irony and restlessness.

K.U.SCH. - An Array Of Subjects

At present, Zeitkunst Niederösterreich has the first comprehensive retrospective of the art group K.U.SCH on display, in the Shedhalle St. Pölten, curated

Hermann Josef Painitz – Aesthetics as Reflection

Letters become symbols, geometric series become matrixes, series and rhythms become encoded scripts: since the 1960ies, Hermann Josef Painitz deals with language and scripture, with connections between signs, letters, symbols, colours, and meanings.

DIE DAMEN - Irony as a ressource

Irony as an active agent in order to continually reformulate problems of art, of the creative subject and of the presence of the viewer-subject, in a subjective world permanently being subjectivated: 25 years after their first appearance, the art group DIE DAMEN arranged an historic and documentary exhibition at ZEITKUNST Niederösterreich in the Lower Austria Contemporary Gallery St. Pölten, offering an insight into their multifaceted oeuvre and into an entire era of Austrian art life.

Marianne Maderna - Humanimals

A universal artwork of sculpture, drawings and film: at the Gallery of Lower Austria for Contemporary Artin the Dominican church of Krems, multimedia artist

Les Tardes Goldscheyder - Haiti Nuclear Radar

His paintings are states of suspense, images of atmospheres, extreme in their expressivity and consistent in their treatment, the material of his objects are

Eduard Angeli - The remnants of man

Lone houses, ruins, wrecks, walls. The backyards of the hustle and bustle, the moments when the party has moved on are what attracts Angeli. The silence of his paintings touches us in our existence. A CastYourArt portrait of the painter Eduard Angeli on the occasion of his 70th birthday.

Manfred Wakolbinger - The Ephemeral and the Eternal

Change, transformation, mutation, metamorphosis: Manfred Wakolbinger questions the surrounding space around us and puts our perception on a new level, in order

Herbert Brandl - Charging pictures until they (almost) burst.

Libidinally charged works of the last 3 decades by Herbert Brandl are presented by Florian Steininger and Ingried Brugger in the Bank Austria Kunstforum Wien.

Arnulf Rainer - The Veiling

Together with Maria Lassnig he is considered the originator of Informal Art in Austria. His works are on display in the key museums all over the world.

Rudolf Polanszky - Models for Transaggregate Structures

Polanszky shows that perceptions do not simply happen within us, but in fact are performed by us – producing reciprocal dynamics. Rudolf Polanszky is an artist

Homo Fabre - in the realm of the Blue Hour

Between mythical creatures and human forms, between dream and nightmare, we find ourselves in a world where life crawls and insects swarm: Welcome to the land

KUCSKO - Double Coated IP Capsule

An exhibition by Kucsko with generative Sound installation by Karlheinz ESSL in Bank Austria Kunstforum - tresor. Audiointerview with Karlheinz Essl in German

Christian Eisenberger - Estrangement and engagement

Christian Eisenberger’s art work and performances often smack of insouciance, but, like a child and even more like an artist, his desire to engage is very real.

Irene Andessner - Portraits of the Self

Irene Andessner’s self-dramatizations are revivals of historical personalities that utilize memory as a source of reactivation. Irene Andessner began her

Wilhelm Scherübl - Transform

There has been substantial evidence for the theory, according to the German philosopher Peter Sloterdijk, that it is far less important for humans to know who

Oswald Oberhuber - The Passions of Prince Eugen

The early works of Oswald Oberhuber, born in Meran in 1931, are classified as informal sculpture. The artist has always felt that it was too limiting to develop

Tomak - There is no pessimistic art

Oil on canvas, drawings, texts, performances: one must work hard on compiling the techniques of artistic expression, says the Vienna-based artist Tomak.

Ahmet Ögüt - In Front of Your Eyes

For a long time, contemporary art was strictly a national phenomenon in Turkey and was therefore, to a large extent, ignored internationally. This has changed.

The Nature Theater of Oklahoma

In Amerika, Kafka’s unfinished novel, the sixteen-year-old Karl, after being seduced by a housemaid who then becomes pregnant by him, is sent to America,

SIGNA – The Northern Complex Method

As the artistic duo SIGNA, Signa Soerensen and Arthur Koestler provide our world with replicas of itself. They install reproductions of the original, three-dimensional

Gordan Savicic - Lat 54.136696 Long 13.771362

Gordan Savicic, graduate of the digital art department of the University for Applied Arts in Vienna, master’s degree from the Piet Zwart Institute for Media

Sweat – The Workshop

In Heinrich Kleist's essay, "On the Marionettentheater", a discussion takes place between a layman and the principal dancer of the city opera. The layman, impressed

Götz Bury - Illusions

Art can be critical of media and media criticism can be fun—that’s the message anyway from “dream manufacturer” Götz Bury’s art. In his Traumfabrik

Fuckhead – This Beautiful Song

This beautiful song annihilates, at least since the group Fuckhead has been celebrating its progressive deconstruction in a big way. Already captivated in recent

Mankind at the Donau Festival

“Mankind” consists of two female artists. As in every other civilization, this one also has its prehistory. One half of Mankind is D. Kimm, a poet and musician

Marten Spangberg - Slow Fall

The job description for Marten Spangberg encompasses many terms. He got his start as a dance critic, writes on theory, is active as a performer, dance dramaturge,

Mara Mattuschka – My Heart’s Vibrator

She produces films every year. She stands before the camera. She directs—in recent years, together with Chris Haring. It was a blessing that she met Chris

Eva Jiricka - If I Couldn’t Do This, I Wouldn’t Know What to Do.

“If somebody would come and wash my car, it would be nice. It would be nice, it would be done, but I wouldn’t pay for it. Sometimes I think that for many

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