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MY GENERATION. The Jablonka Collection

The Jablonka Collection is one of the most important collections of American and German art of the 1980s, with works by artists whom Rafael Jablonka promoted, introduced and collected. CastYourArt interviewed collector Rafael Jablonka and Albertina director Klaus Albrecht Schröder at the Albertina exhibition "My Generation. The Jablonka Collection" and produced an exhibition-portrait.

THE BEGINNING. Art in Austria, 1945-1980. #9 Feminist Avant-Garde

Putting a focus on patriarchal society and its constraints the so called austrian feminist avant-garde was in search for new visual and gestural language. In our CastYourArt exhibition-portrait, ALBERTINAmodern chief curator Angela Stief provides insights into the works and characteristic features of the feminist avant garde and its members

THE BEGINNING. Art in Austria, 1945-1980. #10 Franz West and the Development of Sculpture

The last film in our ten-part series about the ALBERTINAmodern opening exhibition "The Beginning. Art in Austria 1945 to 1980" we dedicate ourselves to the artistic work of Franz West as well as the development of sculpture in Austria during the first three post-war decades. In our CastYourArt exhibition-portrait, we interviewed Elisabeth Dutz and Berthold Ecker, curators of the exhibition.

MIKE KELLEY. Kandor 13

What do Batman and American artist Mike Kelley have in common? Kandor. In our film contribution, Albertina curator Elsy Lahner introduces the work "Kandor 13" by Mike Kelley.


The written sculpture "OUT OF SIGHT" by artist Lawrence Weiner, who died last year, invites us to interact and take part. Now the Albertina Museum in Vienna presents this artwork in public space.

DEATH AND THE MAIDEN. Young Ukrainian art at the Bank Austria Kunstforum Wien

Contemporary Art from the Ukraine, dealing with the war in the country and its effects, is presented at the "tresor" of Bank Austria Kunstforum in Vienna. A CastYourArt exhibition-portrait.

MARGOT PILZ. Fascination Japan

Three contemporary Austrian female artists of three generations, Margot Pilz, Eva Schlegel and Stephanie Pflaum, have produced sculptural interventions especially

EVA SCHLEGEL. SPACES at the Kunsthalle Krems

Kunsthalle Krems curator Andreas Hoffer guides us through the exhibition SPACES by artist Eva Schlegel. It's about borderless spaces, photography and film ...

EVA SCHLEGEL. SPACES at the Dominikanerkirche Krems

Starting on 1st of July 2018 the austrian artist and former venice biennal participant presents her in situ work at Dominikanerkirche Krems. The huge installation

OTHER WORLDS - Eva Schlegel, Manfred Wakolbinger

Claudio Cocca and Csaba Valentik present „OTHER WORLDS“, a joint exhibition by Eva Schlegel and Manfred Wakolbinger Collaborating by means of photography,

Tobias Pils - Untitled

Kunsthalle Krems has reopened after a year of refurbishment, showing young art by Tobias Pils in the skylight hall of the museum. Pils shows a painting installation

Sébastien de Ganay - Transposition and Reproduction (en)

Along with the reopening of the Kunsthalle Krems, the Dominican church in the centre of town will offer art exhibition to the public as well. The first exhibition

Elisabeth von Samsonow - Transplants

At the Dominican church in Krems Zeit Kunst Niederösterreich presents the artworks of Elisabeth von Samsonow. Among other works the artist placed a huge installation

Bernhard Leitner - Sound Space Sculpture

“Sound Chair”, “Sound Dome”, “Serpentinata”, “Sound Column”… - Bernhard Leitner’s sound space objects and installations are all accessible

Monika Grzymala - Drawing Spatially. Vortex.

Monika Grzymala’s „spatial drawing“ unfolds in three dimensions, as an installation made of four kilometers of black tape. It is direct, concise and coherent

DIE DAMEN - Irony as a ressource

Irony as an active agent in order to continually reformulate problems of art, of the creative subject and of the presence of the viewer-subject, in a subjective world permanently being subjectivated: 25 years after their first appearance, the art group DIE DAMEN arranged an historic and documentary exhibition at ZEITKUNST Niederösterreich in the Lower Austria Contemporary Gallery St. Pölten, offering an insight into their multifaceted oeuvre and into an entire era of Austrian art life.

Marianne Maderna - Humanimals

A universal artwork of sculpture, drawings and film: at the Gallery of Lower Austria for Contemporary Artin the Dominican church of Krems, multimedia artist

Kris Martin - Festum II

The Viennese Kunsthistorisches Museum shows in its second exhibition Festum II at the re-opened Theseus Temple a work by the Belgian artist Kris Martin.

Ugo Rondinone - wisdom? peace? blank? all of this?

The Viennese Kunsthistorisches Museum opened its exhibition series at Theseus Tempel at the Volksgarten with the swiss based artist Ugo Rondinone. CastYourArt

Isabelle Mühlbacher - Traces from the Past.

By means of the most diverse media, Isabelle Mühlbacher defends the position of the humane where it already is a relic, a trace, a reminder. An artist-portrait

KUCSKO - Double Coated IP Capsule

An exhibition by Kucsko with generative Sound installation by Karlheinz ESSL in Bank Austria Kunstforum - tresor. Audiointerview with Karlheinz Essl in German

Allyson Mitchell - Furry Crits

Allyson Mitchell's activist art is meant to prod and provoke, but it draws you in with warmth, sincerity and just a little faux-fur. In Allyson Mitchell’s

Constantin Luser - Music soothes the savage beast…

Constantin Luser challenges us to enter the maze of his imagination: he corners us against the wall of our indifference and confronts us with the unavoidable

Wilhelm Scherübl - Transform

There has been substantial evidence for the theory, according to the German philosopher Peter Sloterdijk, that it is far less important for humans to know who

Michael Kienzer - "inter/medium"

A grid-like strut frame, constructed out of several vertical and horizontal aluminum rods, stands in the space, and is held both together and upright by means

Ariel Schlesinger - Poetic Destruction

In the modern, functionally disenchanted world, those who seek out magical moments must first acknowledge reality, but still hold on to the belief that that

Karine Giboulo - 3D Comic Book

With her work, says the Canadian artist Karine Giboulo, she would like to leave behind an impression of the world. That is, her impression. The common thread

The Sanchez Brothers - Exposures of the Dark

Carlos, born 1976, Jason, born 1981, surname Sanchez, together, "The Sanchez Brothers", are an extremely promising, young photographer collective. The work

Michel de Broin - Matters of Circulation

In 1771, Louis Sébastien Mercier published the novel 2440, which depicts an utopia of a convenient, more ideal, distant future world. Utopias had already existed

Ahmet Ögüt - In Front of Your Eyes

For a long time, contemporary art was strictly a national phenomenon in Turkey and was therefore, to a large extent, ignored internationally. This has changed.

Noah Fischer - State of the Art

As you are looking at this podcast, you are looking into a monitor, be it on your laptop, your iPod, your mobile phone, etc. But how much time do you spend

Thomas Baumann – The Language of Movement

Sculptures and installations of the artist Thomas Baumann possess the quality of being alive. Usually, they are moving. They de-form, they make noises, they

SIGNA – The Northern Complex Method

As the artistic duo SIGNA, Signa Soerensen and Arthur Koestler provide our world with replicas of itself. They install reproductions of the original, three-dimensional

Füsun Onur - Silent Music

The openness of her parents — to both traditional Islamic positions as well as the value system of the recent secularly oriented republic — was passed on

Thomas Hirschhorn - The Eye

To flare up, to freak out, to lose it—to see red. Red stands for danger, the red stoplight, red stands for pain and suffering, the red flag, red stands for

ILA - Seek and you shall find not.

Intensity can be fascinating. However, levity also holds a certain charm. The artist’s name, ILA — which stands for the sentence in German: einen “Immens

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