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PER KIRKEBY. At the Kunsthalle Krems

Per Kirkeby is considered one of contemporary painting’s great mavericks. Consistently worked on since the late 1960s, his paintings always include landscapes

MARGOT PILZ. Fascination Japan

Three contemporary Austrian female artists of three generations, Margot Pilz, Eva Schlegel and Stephanie Pflaum, have produced sculptural interventions especially

FABIENNE VERDIER. Foundation Looser

Collector Hubert Looser states, that he has few living artists in his collection. One of them is Fabienne Verdier who had a very special career. The relationship

EVA SCHLEGEL. SPACES at the Dominikanerkirche Krems

Starting on 1st of July 2018 the austrian artist and former venice biennal participant presents her in situ work at Dominikanerkirche Krems. The huge installation


Starting on 1st of July 2018 the austrian artist and former venice biennal participant presents her in situ work at Dominikanerkirche Krems an exhibition space

FLORIAN STEININGER. The Kunsthalle Krems Director about Axel Hütte

What is behind the horizon ? How does the picture continue left and right of the edge ? What else is there ? Axel Hütte’s pictures awaken the desire in the

AXEL HÜTTE. Imperial - Majestic - Magical.

What is behind the horizon? How does the picture continue left and right of the edge? What else is there? Axel Hütte’s pictures awaken the desire in the viewer to be able to recognize more.

Man Ray - Unconcerned but not Indifferent

„Unconcerned but not indifferent“: the epitaph on Man Ray’s grave at the Montparnasse cemetery in Paris reflects his complex and multilayered artistic attitude.

Remastered: Film

The exhibition "Remastered - The Art of Appropriation" at Kunsthalle Krems is completed by a special about appropriation art within the medium film. Curated

Remastered - The Art of Appropriation

Copying as an art: „Remastered – The Art of Appropriation“ in the Kunsthalle Krems shows, besides historic examples of „appropriation art“, contemporary

Suse Krawagna - Abstract Painting Now!

Material, form, repetition and alteration are fundamental for the abstract works of the Vienna based artist Suse Krawagna. On the occasion of the reopening

Jakob Gasteiger - Abstract Painting Now!

As an artist, Jakob Gasteiger has dedicated himself entirely to abstraction. His primary and working material is paint, not colour.

OTHER WORLDS - Eva Schlegel, Manfred Wakolbinger

Claudio Cocca and Csaba Valentik present „OTHER WORLDS“, a joint exhibition by Eva Schlegel and Manfred Wakolbinger Collaborating by means of photography,

Tobias Pils - Untitled

Kunsthalle Krems has reopened after a year of refurbishment, showing young art by Tobias Pils in the skylight hall of the museum. Pils shows a painting installation

Sébastien de Ganay - Transposition and Reproduction (en)

Along with the reopening of the Kunsthalle Krems, the Dominican church in the centre of town will offer art exhibition to the public as well. The first exhibition

Abstract Painting Now! - Kunsthalle Krems

After one year of overall refurbishment, Kunsthalle Krems celebrated its reopening under the new director Florian Steininger. The first exhibition, Abstract

James Welling - Metamorphosis

What you see isn't what you really get. There is something else—the effect of photography. According to curator Heike Eipeldauer, to an unsuspecting visitor

Kunsthalle Krems - Vision & Mission

Instead of a mere „art container“, a platform for encounters. That's how Florian Steininger, the new director of Kunsthalle Krems, describes the future

Kunsthalle Krems - Architecture and History

The Kunsthalle Krems is a part of the Krems art mile that brings together the cultural highlights in the area, like the Minoriten church, the Forum Frohner,

Elisabeth von Samsonow - Transplants

At the Dominican church in Krems Zeit Kunst Niederösterreich presents the artworks of Elisabeth von Samsonow. Among other works the artist placed a huge installation

Bernhard Leitner - Sound Space Sculpture

“Sound Chair”, “Sound Dome”, “Serpentinata”, “Sound Column”… - Bernhard Leitner’s sound space objects and installations are all accessible


The first comprehensive retrospective of the controversial artist Balthus (Balthasar Klossowksi de Rola) will be on display in the Bank Austria Kunstforum until June 19, 2016.

Elger Esser - "zeitigen"

The Oskar Schlemmer State Prize will be awarded to Elger Esser, photographer who was a student of Bernd and Hilla Becher. To mark the occasion, the Kunsthalle Karlsruhe is showing an exhibition with his works. An exhibition portrait by CastYourArt.

Love in Times of Revolution - Artist couples of the Russian avant-garde

„Down with Art. Long live technical science“ was the slogan of the productivist manifest by Alexander Rodchenko and Varvara Stepanova. Exhibiting the life

Rudolf Polanszky - Translineare Structures

Rudolf Polanszky’s works are concerned with finding visual correspondences with the artist’s intellectual configurations inspired by aspects of mathematical

Hubert Schmalix - Bank Austria Kunstforum

Curated by Florian Steininger, the Bank Austria Kunstforum exhibits a comprehensive overview on the work of Hubert Schmalix. About fifty of the paintings were

K.U.SCH. - An Array Of Subjects

At present, Zeitkunst Niederösterreich has the first comprehensive retrospective of the art group K.U.SCH on display, in the Shedhalle St. Pölten, curated

Hermann Josef Painitz – Aesthetics as Reflection

Letters become symbols, geometric series become matrixes, series and rhythms become encoded scripts: since the 1960ies, Hermann Josef Painitz deals with language and scripture, with connections between signs, letters, symbols, colours, and meanings.

Siegfried Anzinger – a vortex of emotions

The focus of the exhibition in the Bank Austria Kunstforum, curated by Florian Steininger, is mainly on the pictures made in distemper -especially for this show- during the years 2012 and 2013.

Basquiat Warhol - Psychophysical Dialogues

The exhibition Warhol Basquiat in the Bank Austria Kunstforum in Vienna provides unique insights into the creative process of two very different artistic personalities.

Jürgen Messensee - Realities

At the Bank Austria Kunstforum in Vienna the artist Jürgen Messensee shows quintessences of his artistic work from the past ten years. CastYourArt visited his atelier and the exhibition and produced an artist-portrait.

DIE DAMEN - Irony as a ressource

Irony as an active agent in order to continually reformulate problems of art, of the creative subject and of the presence of the viewer-subject, in a subjective world permanently being subjectivated: 25 years after their first appearance, the art group DIE DAMEN arranged an historic and documentary exhibition at ZEITKUNST Niederösterreich in the Lower Austria Contemporary Gallery St. Pölten, offering an insight into their multifaceted oeuvre and into an entire era of Austrian art life.

Marianne Maderna - Humanimals

A universal artwork of sculpture, drawings and film: at the Gallery of Lower Austria for Contemporary Artin the Dominican church of Krems, multimedia artist

Meret Oppenheim - Shaman of the archetypes

Shaman of the archetypes – the bizarre, humorous, erotic and poetic oeuvre of Meret Oppenheim is on display in the Bank Austria Kunstforum in Vienna till 14 July 2013. An exhibition portrait produced by CastYourArt.

Helmut Grill - From Epicurus to Donald Duck

As an artist, Helmut Grill explores the complicity between the image-maker and the viewer to a maximum. An artist-portrait by CastYourArt.

Miquel Barceló - Matter and Form. From Matter to Metaphysics.

Collectors pay a lot for his corrida pictures. From 12 December 2012 till 10 March 2013 the Bank Austria Kunstforum in Vienna dedicates an exhibition to the

The Eight - Hungary’s Highway to Modernism

News, even if they are 100 years old: In the Bank Austria Kunstforum the pioneers on Hungarian modernism are on display from September 9 till December 2 2012

Özlem Sulak - Fictive Presence

From September 19th to November 18th, the Bank Austria Kunstforum in Vienna dedicates an exhibition in its vault room to the artist Özlem Sulak, born in Turkey in 1979.

Kris Martin - Festum II

The Viennese Kunsthistorisches Museum shows in its second exhibition Festum II at the re-opened Theseus Temple a work by the Belgian artist Kris Martin.

Ugo Rondinone - wisdom? peace? blank? all of this?

The Viennese Kunsthistorisches Museum opened its exhibition series at Theseus Tempel at the Volksgarten with the swiss based artist Ugo Rondinone. CastYourArt

Herbert Brandl - Charging pictures until they (almost) burst.

Libidinally charged works of the last 3 decades by Herbert Brandl are presented by Florian Steininger and Ingried Brugger in the Bank Austria Kunstforum Wien.

Fernando Botero - Abu Ghraib

On the occasion of the “Botero” exhibition in the Bank Austria Kunstforum, curator Dr. Evelyn benesch will speak about the artist’s Abu Ghraib series.

Fernando Botero - Inhabiting Paintings

Fernando Botero: „In my paintings, there are improbable, not impossible things. “Fernando Boteros work is on view at Bank Austria Kunstforum in Vienna.

Homo Fabre - in the realm of the Blue Hour

Between mythical creatures and human forms, between dream and nightmare, we find ourselves in a world where life crawls and insects swarm: Welcome to the land

Aivazovsky - A Russian fairytale

Aivazovsky is regarded as the master of seascapes. In his lifetime he dedicated himself to this motif as a metaphor for life, of desire as well as the struggle between nature and culture.

KUCSKO - Double Coated IP Capsule

An exhibition by Kucsko with generative Sound installation by Karlheinz ESSL in Bank Austria Kunstforum - tresor. Audiointerview with Karlheinz Essl in German

Birgit Jürgenssen - Come on now Miss Juergennsen

Jürgenssen explores the scope of female identity constructions and the gender roles within her sociocultural environment of the 1970ies. By means of drawings

Irene Andessner - Art Protectors

Irene Andessner resuscitates the Tableau vivant with “Art Protectors” in the Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna. The exhibition 'The Gold Age. Dutch Group

Thomas Draschan - Psychic Images Collision

To Bollywood background music, the blonde sucks on her partners erect prick with relish, then we see how he generously lathers her hairy fanny with soap…a

Christian Eisenberger - Estrangement and engagement

Christian Eisenberger’s art work and performances often smack of insouciance, but, like a child and even more like an artist, his desire to engage is very real.

Irene Andessner - Portraits of the Self

Irene Andessner’s self-dramatizations are revivals of historical personalities that utilize memory as a source of reactivation. Irene Andessner began her

Mirabilia, Furies and Curiosa - The Chamber of Curiosities at the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna

“And if there ever was an age when one sees varied and wondrous things I believe that ours is one” (Mateo Bandello, 1554) This podcast was realised with the kind support of UNIQUA ArtCercles.

Warhol, Newman, Wool - 'Barney is now at another party'

Warhol, Newman, Wool “Barney is now at another party.“ When exhibitions show artistic developments in a larger context, it is a good thing for every visitor.

Michael Kienzer - "inter/medium"

A grid-like strut frame, constructed out of several vertical and horizontal aluminum rods, stands in the space, and is held both together and upright by means

Christian Niccoli - Lost in Perception

The work of the Italian artist Christian Niccoli traces the social mental state of the urban beings of our time. The discourse is over a generation of young

The Nature Theater of Oklahoma

In Amerika, Kafka’s unfinished novel, the sixteen-year-old Karl, after being seduced by a housemaid who then becomes pregnant by him, is sent to America,

Marten Spangberg - Slow Fall

The job description for Marten Spangberg encompasses many terms. He got his start as a dance critic, writes on theory, is active as a performer, dance dramaturge,

Thomas Reinhold – Empirical Science

As opposed to other media like film or music, in principle, painting does not lend itself to as many possibilities, explains the painter, Thomas Reinhold.

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