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THE BEGINNING. Art in Austria, 1945-1980. #4 Abstract Art

With their abstract works, Austrian artists in the post-war years managed to become part of the international avant-garde in a very short time. ALBERTINAmodern curator Antonia Hoerschelmann guides us through the exhibition "THE BEGINNING. Art in Austria 1945-1980", pointing out the crucial artistic features and protagonists of abstract art in Austria.

LAND FOR US ALL. An exhibition at the Architekturzentrum Wien

Soil is a precious commodity. The surface of our earth is finite. We cannot artificially enlarge the planet, we cannot simply produce soil like a product. With the exhibition "Land for us All" the Architekturzentrum Wien takes a look at the dimensions of our treatment of land from different perspectives. A CastYourArt film which is a tour through and a presentation of the new exhibition.

CITY AND LANDSCAPE. BETWEEN DREAM AND REALITY. An exhibition opening from the Albertina Museum in Vienna

With 170 works from its own holdings, the Albertina presents a grandiose panorama of five centuries of city and landscape views; some of the works have not been on public view for decades. In our exhibition-opening film Albertina director Klaus Albrecht Schröder, chief-curator Christof Metzger and exhibition curator Eva Michel walk with us through the exhibition and talk about the excellent artworks.  Andrea Mayer, state secretary for art and culture opens the exhibition.


Hubert Scheibl currently has a solo exhibition dedicated to him in the Albertina's Basteihalle. Under the title "Seeds of Time," earlier works are exhibited together with entirely new series and - for the first time in Austria - objects. In our Film Albertina director Klaus Albrecht Schröder and curator Antonia Hoerschelmann guide us through the exhibition and afterwards we follow a talk of Klaus Albrecht Schröder with the artist in his studio.

FLORIAN STEININGER. The Kunsthalle Krems Director about Axel Hütte

What is behind the horizon ? How does the picture continue left and right of the edge ? What else is there ? Axel Hütte’s pictures awaken the desire in the

AXEL HÜTTE. Imperial - Majestic - Magical.

What is behind the horizon? How does the picture continue left and right of the edge? What else is there? Axel Hütte’s pictures awaken the desire in the viewer to be able to recognize more.

Abstract Painting Now! - Kunsthalle Krems

After one year of overall refurbishment, Kunsthalle Krems celebrated its reopening under the new director Florian Steininger. The first exhibition, Abstract

In the End: Architecture - Journeys through Time 1959 till 2019

Sixty years of history of architecture are now on display at Vienna based Architekturzentrum Wien. The show is the last exhibition of founding director Dietmar Steiner.

Franz Xaver Ölzant - Idea, Process, Form

For the first time, the ZeitKunst Niederösterreich exhibition „Idea-Process-Form“ shows a summary of the complete works of the sculptor Franz Xaver Oelzant.

Jürgen Messensee - Realities

At the Bank Austria Kunstforum in Vienna the artist Jürgen Messensee shows quintessences of his artistic work from the past ten years. CastYourArt visited his atelier and the exhibition and produced an artist-portrait.

Manfred Wakolbinger - The Ephemeral and the Eternal

Change, transformation, mutation, metamorphosis: Manfred Wakolbinger questions the surrounding space around us and puts our perception on a new level, in order

Christian Eisenberger - Estrangement and engagement

Christian Eisenberger’s art work and performances often smack of insouciance, but, like a child and even more like an artist, his desire to engage is very real.

Deborah Sengl - A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

It was animals that were created first, only thereafter, human beings. Seniority, the privilege of age, was compensated by the privilege of designation, the

Wilhelm Scherübl - Transform

There has been substantial evidence for the theory, according to the German philosopher Peter Sloterdijk, that it is far less important for humans to know who

Liselot van der Heijden - The Eyes Have It

We live in a visual age. Our pastimes are often dictated by those things we like to observe, in art galleries, at the cinema, at the zoo. In this surveillance-heavy

The Nature Theater of Oklahoma

In Amerika, Kafka’s unfinished novel, the sixteen-year-old Karl, after being seduced by a housemaid who then becomes pregnant by him, is sent to America,

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