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THE RENAISSANCE OF ETCHING. FROM DÜRER TO BRUEGEL. A guided tour with Albertina chief-curator Christof Metzger

The fifteenth and sixteenth centuries stand for a revolution in art and in the imaging media, as it was during this period that different printing techniques were invented. In our CastYourArt film, Christof Metzger leads us through the Albertina exhibition "The Renaissance of Etching. From Dürer to Bruegel" and provides insight into those first decades of the development of printing technology which marked the beginning of the image as a mass medium.


Albrecht Dürer was already one of the superstars of the art world during his lifetime. His works were in great demand and were often copied or falsified. Albertina Albertina head curator Christof Metzger examplifies this with three originals and three falsifications of Dürer artworks.

THE ALBERTINA VOLUMES OF HISTORICAL PRINTS. A film from the series "Museum in a Nutshell"

Discover the Albertina backstage: In our film from the Albertina series "Museum in a Nutshell" we take you on a tour to the Albertinas' 900.000 sheets of graphic art from the old masters which are stored in volumes of historical prints and now digitalized to be online and public accessible. What a beautiful project ... but watch yourself

DÜRER. MUNCH. MIRÓ. The Great Masters of Printmaking.

One thing can be revealed already: The quality of the exhibited works is simply impressive! Be inspired by our film feature with Albertina Director Klaus Albrecht Schröder, you will be rewarded with the best of printmaking from six centuries in this exhibition.

ALEX KATZ. The Radically "Cool Painting" of Alex Katz at the Albertina

One of the reasons that Alex Katz (*1927 in New York) continues to be so modern more than half a century after the beginning of his career - and without any major stylistic changes - lies in his complete rejection of nostalgia. On the occasion of Albertina museums' new Alex Katz exhibition Albertina general director Klaus Albrecht Schröder introduces in our film, what needs to be known, to immerse yourself deeper within the work of this contemporary artist.

ART IN THE MAKING. Albertina head of conservation Eva Glück in an Interview with Ofer Lellouche

In the ART IN THE MAKING series, the Albertina invites artists to talk about their working methods. This time Eva Glück, Chief Conservator of the Albertina, talks to Ofer Lellouche not only about the subtleties of his prints, but also about what print can do for him that other art techniques cannot.

FASCINATION JAPAN. Monet · Van Gogh · Klimt

Stretched picture formats, asymmetrical compositions, bird’s eye perspectives, empty sections with only abstract lines and shapes, vibrant color fields, ornamental

Jim Dine - A Serious Man

Twins, even when they look identical, are always distinguished and recognized as two different persons, even if sometimes confounded because of their perceived alikeness.

Jim Dine - I Never Look Away

For Jim Dine - who we interviewed at his current exhibition at Albertina Museum in Vienne - the self-portrait is a meditation about the way an artist recognizes

Edvard Munch - The Scream

“I was walking along the road with two friends – the sun was setting – suddenly the sky turned blood red – I paused, feeling exhausted, and leaned on

Edvard Munch - Love, Death, and Loneliness

12 years after the last Munch exhibition in the museum Albertina in Vienna the new show concentrates on the Lithographies, etchings and woodcuts of Edvard Munch

Albertina - Tietze Galleries for Prints and Drawings

With the Sturtevant exhibition, the Albertina inaugurates the new Tietze Galleries for Prints and Drawings, on a surface of 450 sqm.

From Dürer to Napoleon - The Origins of the Albertina

The current exhibition „From Dürer to Napoleon - The Origins of the Albertina” shows masterpieces of the Albertina’s collection in the context of the exciting biographies of its founders – prince Albert of Saxony, duke of Teschen and his wife the archduchess Marie Christine, daughter of empress Maria Theresia.

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