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PER KIRKEBY. At the Kunsthalle Krems

Per Kirkeby is considered one of contemporary painting’s great mavericks. Consistently worked on since the late 1960s, his paintings always include landscapes

FLORIAN STEININGER. The Kunsthalle Krems Director about Axel Hütte

What is behind the horizon ? How does the picture continue left and right of the edge ? What else is there ? Axel Hütte’s pictures awaken the desire in the

Remastered - The Art of Appropriation

Copying as an art: „Remastered – The Art of Appropriation“ in the Kunsthalle Krems shows, besides historic examples of „appropriation art“, contemporary

LOOK - New Acquisitions at Albertina Museum Vienna

Drawing, graphic print and painting can be different forms of expression for one artistic idea, therefore the Albertina focused on groups or series of works

Abstract Painting Now! - Kunsthalle Krems

After one year of overall refurbishment, Kunsthalle Krems celebrated its reopening under the new director Florian Steininger. The first exhibition, Abstract

Christian Doppler - To please Mankind and to its Benefit

The Doppler effect, named after the physicist from Salzburg, Christian Doppler, is well known, not only from physics class in school. The phenomenon for which Doppler found a physical explanation is observable in daily life as well, for example when a loud vehicle drives by, its sound being distorted when approaching and when moving away.

Kunsthalle Krems - Vision & Mission

Instead of a mere „art container“, a platform for encounters. That's how Florian Steininger, the new director of Kunsthalle Krems, describes the future

Kunsthalle Krems - Architecture and History

The Kunsthalle Krems is a part of the Krems art mile that brings together the cultural highlights in the area, like the Minoriten church, the Forum Frohner,

In the End: Architecture - Journeys through Time 1959 till 2019

Sixty years of history of architecture are now on display at Vienna based Architekturzentrum Wien. The show is the last exhibition of founding director Dietmar Steiner.

Love in Times of Revolution - Artist couples of the Russian avant-garde

„Down with Art. Long live technical science“ was the slogan of the productivist manifest by Alexander Rodchenko and Varvara Stepanova. Exhibiting the life

aspern INTERNATIONAL - Ideas for Change: an international view

Today, the promotion of culture and creative activity is an essential element of urban development concepts worldwide. The existence of a creative environment

Hubert Schmalix - Bank Austria Kunstforum

Curated by Florian Steininger, the Bank Austria Kunstforum exhibits a comprehensive overview on the work of Hubert Schmalix. About fifty of the paintings were

Albertina - Monet to Picasso. The Batliner collection.

The permanent exhibition „Monet to Picasso. The Batliner collection.” at the Museum Albertina in Vienna offers an extensive overview of one of the most

Alexander Steinwendtner - Georg Trakl Boulevard

Martin Heidegger called his oeuvre one single great poem, and Rilke was enthusiastic about the rhythm and wording of his verse. They were referring to Georg Trakl, one of the greatest poets in the German language.

Aron Demetz - Dialogue with life

He has embraced tradition in order to „forget it again“: wood as a challenge and possibility of failure. An artist-portrait of the sculptor Aron Demetz.

Herbert Brandl - Charging pictures until they (almost) burst.

Libidinally charged works of the last 3 decades by Herbert Brandl are presented by Florian Steininger and Ingried Brugger in the Bank Austria Kunstforum Wien.

Alexander Steinwendtner - Random. Clean Cuts.

Rather than expressing something directly, the force of artistic expressivity lies within manifesting the getting-to-talk within the work itself.

Residenzgalerie - Museum of Old Masters

As a former location of princely representation the province gallery, founded with the collections Czernin and Schönborn-Buchheim, illustrates an essential

4shrooms - Analog Synergy in a Digital World

Under revolving pastry plates with star motifs, cut-outs from pictures of bygone eras appear. Shadows of hands form letters over photographs and textiles throw

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