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THEAN CHIE CHAN. Ungraspably outlined

Category: Exhibition 16. November 2018

In his current exhibition in the vaultroom of the Bank Austria Kunstforum in Vienna, Thean Chien Chan explores the human face. His point of departure is the simplicity of children's drawings which he regards as a universal language. I order to arrive at a contemporary form of the portrait he transposes them into adulthood. As the curator of the exhibition Bettina M. Busse states,in our times of "selfie culture", the face is in fashion, and at the same time the flooding of our lives with images of faces led to a devaluation, to a loss of face. This intensification and dissolution of the images of human faces is now being fathomed in the new pictures of Thean Chie Chan. We met the artist and the curator in the exhibition and made a film portrait about it.

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