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MY GENERATION. The Jablonka Collection

Category: Exhibition 15. October 2020

The Jablonka Collection is one of the most important collections of American and German art of the 1980s, with works by artists whom Rafael Jablonka promoted, introduced and collected. The collection includes works by Michael Heizer, Eric Fischl, Mike Kelley, Sherrie Levine, Philip Taaffe, Roni Horn, Damien Hirst, Richard Avedon, Francesco Clemente, Richard Deacon, Andreas Slominski and other important artists such as the photographer Nobuyoshi Araki, who is represented with 240 works.

Works by fourteen artists from his collection are now on view in the exhibition "My Generation. The Jablonka Collection" at the Albertina. Most of the artists, like 68-year-old Jablonka himself, were born in the 1950s.

The collector curated the exhibition together with Albertina Curator Elsy Lahner. On two floors, the individual artists' positions are shown in separate rooms, thus enabling a deeper insight into their respective works. Paintings, sculptures, videos, installations and works on paper show the thematic and mediatic diversity of the Jablonka Collection.

Not all of the works shown have been supervised by Jablonka as a gallery owner, but he has always been in close contact with the individual artists and has acquired works from various phases of their careers. Jablonka closed his galleries in Germany in 2017, although the Böhm Chapel, a modern church building acquired by Jablonka in 2010, is still used as an exhibition space.

Despite offers from German museums, Rafael Jablonka has decided for the Albertina. The 400 works that Rafael Jablonka has donated to the Albertina complement important chapters of recent art history. The collection is currently being transferred from various locations in Europe to the Albertina's new central depot for contemporary art in Klosterneuburg. In the coming years, further exhibitions drawing on the works of the Jablonka Collection are planned, including a photography exhibition with works by Nobuyoshi Araki. (Written by Cem Angeli)

The exhibition "My Generation. The Jablonka Collection" can be seen until February 21, 2021, daily from 10am to 6pm, Wednesday and Friday from 10am to 11pm.

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