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Category: Exhibition 2. September 2021

Tatiana Bilbao founded her architecture firm Tatiana Bilbao Estudio in 2004, her first commission was the exhibition pavilion at Jinhua Architecture Park in China, a project coordinated by Chinese artist Ai Weiwei.

Since then, her office has grown exponentially, now employing 40 people for ever larger projects, she holds teaching positions at Yale, Harvard and Columbia Universities.
Over the past 20 years or so, Bilbao Estudio has designed a wide variety of buildings, including social housing, primarily in Mexico. In her concepts for social housing, she means to counteract the housing shortage in Mexico's poorer population strata, but also to give them more of a say.

Their team often cooperates with other architectural firms, artists and, above all, with the users and future residents. The approach is participatory, local know-how and traditions such as clay as a building material flow into the projects. Architecture in this approach has nature as a model, sustainability and flexibility are an essential part of the projects. Energy wastage, such as air conditioning, is to be avoided as far as possible.

Identifying problems, formulating questions and finding solutions is worked out in cooperation with the users, new experiences and approaches are included and previous mistakes are worked out. People should be able to design their own living space.
Bilbao Estudio avoids renderings; their master plans have an open character. Designs are made legible to non-architects in the form of collages and drawn sketches, allowing for more participation. In social housing, beauty is to be brought into the lives of non-privileged people. After all, for Tatiana Bilbao, everyone needs beauty, even in social housing.

The exhibition at Architekturzentrum Wien now presents 23 different projects from all over the world, from botanical gardens to university campuses, from single-family homes to social housing.
The visualizations of the diverse projects are embedded in a large-scale, finely drawn fantasy landscape. Working models, sketches, installations, objects from the AzW collection, collages and photographs allow visitors to learn more about the respective cultural and social context of the projects, the method and Tatiana Bilbao's world view.

Running in the AzW until Jan. 17, 2022, the show was realized in collaboration with the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Denmark.

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