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20 YEARS OF THE VERBUND COLLECTION. A celebration show at the Albertina museum

Category: Exhibition 18. March 2024

The show at the Albertina Museum, comprising around 200 works, was curated by Gabriele Schor, founding director of the VERBUND COLLECTION.

One focus of the show is on feminist art from the 1960s and 1970s, a time when female artists portrayed the female body as a powerful subject and no longer as an object for the male patriarchal gaze. Alongside painting, forms of expression such as photography, object art and performance became increasingly important in the art scene.

In the exhibition, artists such as Cindy Sherman, VALIE EXPORT, Francesca Woodman, Birgit Jürgenssen, Renate Bertlmann, ORLAN and Zanele Muholi are honored with well-known and lesser-known works.

Already in 2007, collection director Gabriele Schor organized a multi-year exhibition tour of the Verbund Collection under the title "Feminist Avant-Garde". At the same time, the collection has been continuously expanded and publications have been issued that have decisively promoted the careers of the collected artists.

Another thematic chapter is dedicated to the topic of diversity, gender and identity. Here you will find queer positions, black artists such as Lorna Simpson or Carrie Mae Weems who critically examine racism, colonialism and gender discrimination, as well as the Nigerian-Norwegian artist Frida Orupabo with her large-format collages or the Canadian drag artist Sin Wai Kin with the video "It's Always You".

The conceptual, poetic and psychological perception of spaces and places forms another thematic chapter of the show. Here, South African artist Lebohang Kganye shows photomontages as spaces of remembrance of her deceased mother. The poetic performance "Anarchitecture" by US artist Gordon Matta-Clark, who died in 1978, is documented, in which an entire house was sawn up by the artist over a period of several weeks.

The exhibition can be seen at the Albertina until May 5. 2024

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