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Eduard Angeli - Silence

Category: Exhibition 18. May 2017

Eduard Angeli's art is on display at Albertina Museum in Vienna. His work defies categorizations. The works seem to be structured either by complementary or opposing concepts. These concepts would be absence and presence, the invisible and the visible, action and contemplation, the immaterial and the material. In a radical sense, what we have before us is the visual phenomenon itself.

Light, as the essential element of vision and as a metaphor for a cognition that transcends it, is one of the main components of his often hermetic works. Using shadows as immaterial traces of the physical he leads us towards the essence of his artistic starting point.

He creates a space for intimacy as an immediate experience. The large formated pictures draw us into their inside, the viewer gets to be in them, together with the painter.

In order to experience the picture it is necessary to enter the panorama that unfolds before the viewer. Angeli interprets landscapes in transcendent way, in the romantic sense of the word. Artificial horizons emerge, landscapes that mystify us, they stage mirages in front of our puzzled eyes. His reality does not seem to be the one we see, is real life somewhere else?

Angeli explores the phenomenon of perception itself, he paints the world like a theatrical stage that can be discovered or redescovered by his painterly devices. Or as José Ortega y Gasset says: "Man, in a word, has no nature ; what he has is – history." (written by CA)

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