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Markus Redl - Extended range of view 360 degrees

Category: Artist Studio, Artwork 26. September 2017

Markus Redl’s “Extended range of view 360 degrees” is a tribute to the couple Carmen and Reinhold Würth.

The sculpture is carved out of Carrara marble, it shows a couple, sitting back to back on a bench, holding a wool thread that connects them.

Redl’s figures exude meditative calmness, their gaze overviews the whole environment, and their facial features seem relaxed.

The formal sophistication and the interaction between the sculpture and the surrounding space are enriched by a whole set of new references, a passive object acquiring an urgent, vibrant presence in this way.
The artist tests the permeability of the taditional artistic canon, while oscillating between individual remembrance and the powerful gesture of sculpting.
By exploring the vast territory of tradition, he offers a broad panorama of artistic ideas that formed the content of his work as well as the composition and processing of the material.

He challenges the viewer to see, to feel and to be aware of his own existence and fundamental emotions. He encourages the embrace, friendship, produces wistfulness, joy and pleasure; he invites us to enjoy the liberty to be moved by contemplating his creation.

It is the search for the intrinsic nature, the inscrutable and invisible component, that characterizes Redl’s work.

Art exists because man –vainly- tries to outwit death in order to gain existence beyond the inevitable biological demise. Art puts up resistance to death, not in the sense of the immortality of the artist who tries to eternalize himself in his creation, but in the sense of the metaphysical substance of the work of art.

This substance is beneficial to man, to the viewer, the savourer, the user of the work, whose soul will feel sheltered and protected against nothingness, the Damocles sword under which we all live – if the artist succeeds.

The artist creates entities that accompany and comfort us, that inspire and compensate us; they reach out to us over the transience of time, in order to –perhaps- alleviate our passage over the shaky bridge.

If we allow ourselves to be open for it, Redl’s allusion to continuity over time may convey a small clue of immortality to us.

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