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TONY CRAGG. Sculpture: Body and Soul (Part 2)

The 21 sculptures and 21 drawings in the Albertina's Pfeilerhalle provide an impressive insight into the last two decades of the work of the English sculptor Tony Cragg. Curated by Antonia Hoerschelmann, this is the first solo show the Albertina has dedicated to the 73-year-old sculptor.

FRANCESCO CLEMENTE. From the Albertina museum in Vienna.

Italian-American artist Francesco Clemente's dramatic imagery is unsettling, ambiguous, grotesque, and erotic. An exhibition portrait with the artist from the Albertina Museum in Vienna.


The written sculpture "OUT OF SIGHT" by artist Lawrence Weiner, who died last year, invites us to interact and take part. Now the Albertina Museum in Vienna presents this artwork in public space.

STRABAG ARTAWARD INTERNATIONAL 2022. Preisverleihung und Präsentation in der STRABAG Artlounge

Mitschnitt der Verleihung des STRABAG Artaward International 2022 in der STRABAG Artlounge in Wien.

SOLI KIANI. Ossian - Rebellion

Die iranisch-österreichische Künstlerin Soli Kiani eröffnet am 27. April 2022 ihre erste Solo-Ausstellung im institutionellen Kontext unter dem Titel "Ossian – Rebellion" im tresor im Bank Austria Kunstforum Wien.

SERIOUS FUN. Architecture & Games

The exhibition "Serious Fun. Architecture & Games" at the Architekturzentrum Wien shows how much games in general - and architectural games in particular - convey a certain world view to participants and observers. A CastYourArt exhibition portrait.

CastYourArt’s new online presence as a media library in all its new splendor

We took the Covid-19 crisis as an occasion for a complete redesign of our CastYourArt website. We did not only put a lot of time and effort into the development of our CastYourArt media library, we also added further information to our thoughtful and inspiring films about contemporary and historic art. It remains our objective to provide an ideal space for all art enthusiasts to learn first-hand, from contemporary artists, and from curators of important exhibitions.


Our offer – in the art sector

Audio and video productions as all-inclusive service

Our passion for art and our years of experience in the field of audio and video production enable us to produce complex content in a straightforward, authentic and aesthetically sophisticated way. Our approach stands out by its high committment, flexibility and efficiency.

The CastYourArt full-service offer for artists, galleries, museums, exhibition centers and other players in the art sector includes project development, an experienced storytelling resulting in an credible style, post-production and formats ready to be embeded in various internet media or to be used offline.

If you are interested in CastYourArt‘s editorial coverage with additional benefits, please contact us.


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